How to Care for Asthma During Extreme Cold Temperatures

With winter in full effect, people with Asthma need to be especially mindful of their condition because cold weather can easily cause symptoms of Asthma to worsen. According to, managing winter Asthma triggers is not very difficult, and complications can be avoided by taking some relatively simple steps.

The most important step to taking care of yourself and keeping your Asthma at bay during the winter is to regularly take the preventative medications prescribed to you by your doctor. These are already very important tools for keeping your Asthma under control, and not taking them for granted is one of the smartest things you can do.

Another very easy way they say to help combat the cold is by simply wearing a scarf around your neck and over your mouth and nose. This allows the air you breath in to warm up and humidify before entering your lungs. Not to mention it helps keep you a little more warm and comfortable overall.

Avoiding smoke from fires, wood stoves, and people smoking cigarettes around you is also a good way to avoid an Asthma attack or discomfort caused by Asthma during the winter and really anytime at all during the year. recommends checking your fireplace to make sure the chimney is clear to avoid smoke build-up in your home or wherever your fireplace is located. If you cook with gas or have a gas fireplace be sure to check for leaks regularly and to use the stove vent to avoid any possibility of inhaling smoke or gas of any kind.

Getting a flu shot and taking precautionary measures such as not touching your mucous membranes before you wash your hands, and avoiding sick people all together can also be extremely beneficial tactics for avoiding any problems Asthma might cause during the winter. Viral infections such as the flu or pneumonia can make it really difficult to breath and function, and the more steps you take to stay healthy, the happier and more better off you will be.

If you are suffering from Asthma, taking these easy to follow precautionary measures can definitely help you lead a happy and healthy life during the cold and somewhat dreary winter months.

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